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    After Effects CS6 render problem with exactly one frame or exactly at one point in the timeline.


      I've recently tried to render a project in After Effects CS6 but everytime I render the render fails at exaclty one frame or a time in the timeline, in this frame or point in timeline I have a composition with the following effects: Twixtor Pro and inside that composition I have the video with the following effects: Motion Tiles and Wave Warp. I rendered the project in H.264 format with a 8 bitrate. I tried to fix this even by trying to render the project as a TIFF Sequenece but the render keeps failing and the final output is only the part of the video until that exact frame. I have caps lock on to try to speed up my render. Any help would be appreaciated and let me know if you need more information and i'll try to give you more.