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    Screen Lags, Timeline Refresh and Playback Delays in CC

    cscooper2013 Level 2

      Some of you may recognize this thread from a previous thread.  I felt like the issue was getting clouded there, so I've started this thread with a title that better describes the problem I'm having.  This thread is not about multi-cam or Mercury Playback Engine or GPU stuff.  Watch this video to see what's happening.




      A few facts about the environment:  This is occuring on two different machines, a laptop and a desktop.  This issue happens whether GPU or software MPE is employed.  I've completed projects that were started after this project and they've completed with little or no lag at all; this issue seems to be only happening in this project.  This is the only multi-cam project I've done since the release of CC.  The project was laggy, I suppose, but really became unbearable after editing a few audio control points in my Multi-cam Source Sequence.  The footage is mixed:  AVCHD (Canon VIXIA G20) and H.264 (Canon 7D and GoPro Hero3).


      Tech Specs:

      1) Laptop

      ASUS g75vx

      Windows 7 Pro, 64-bit

      i7-3630qm @ 2.4GHz

      16GB RAM

      NVIDIA GTX670mx, 3GB DDR5


      2) Desktop

      ASUS P8p67 MoBo

      Windows 7 Pro, 64-bit

      i7-2600K @ 3.4GHz

      16GB RAM

      NVIDIA GTX460, 1GB DDR5

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          Jim_Simon Level 9

          Seems like the key difference here is the use of the Clip Mixer on a multicam sequence.


          Create a duplicate of that sequence, then delete all the keyframes.  How does it perform?

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            cscooper2013 Level 2

            Deleting the keyframes makes no difference.  I noticed something today.  Perhaps it's a clue?  In a good project, my audio track headers look like this:




            In this one "bad" project, the headers look like this:




            This icon appears on every audio track in my "bad" project.  I don't know if this is the cause, but it is definitely something that is different from all of my other "good" projects.  For further information, here's what I see if I click the little icon:




            I see the same "patching" on all of my tracks, whether they are originally mono sources or stereo sources.


            Any further suggestions would be so gratefully welcomed.

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              ToddMowen Level 1

              Hello cscooper2013, when I have had this delay playback/lag issue in the past it has always been related to audio. I have been a Premiere user for 13+ years and this is the one issue I have had that has driven me crazy for a long time until I figured out a the below fixes/workaround.


              The two fixes that I have found for this delay/lag issue are:


              1) In the timelines, (your case the MASTER) go up to the ‘Sequence’ dropdown menu and click on ‘Render Audio’. This typically fixes my problem every time.


              2) If step one doesn’t work then on each timeline you need to go to your “Audio Track Mixer” and delete any Effects you have added on all your audio layers. Do the same in your “Audio Clip Mixer”.


              My workflow when ‘render audio’ step one doesn’t work from the Sequence drop menu is:

              In my master timeline I don’t add any audio track/clip Effects until the final edit is complete. Now when I work on a Multicam I will master the audio before I edit it. I add my Audio and Clip Effects to each of my layers as well as my keyframes If need. After I finish my audio mastering, I save my current project i.e. project01 and then do a ‘save as’ Project02. In project 02 I render out each Multicam audio as uncompressed WAV 48kHz 16 bit, using Adobe Media Encoder. I then move all my audio layers down one layer and place the final mastered audio I just rendered on layer one. Then I solo layer one audio. Once I do this I delete all my Audio Track/Clip Mixer Effects since I don’t need them anymore. I also select any layers that have keyframes and right click on them and choose ‘remove effects’ make sure ‘audio’ is the only checked box, click Ok. All of your audio effects in the timeline should be gone. And now it should play right when you press play or refresh fast when you move the playhead.


              I hope this helps your problem! I know over the years using Premiere this has driven me crazy but I don’t have any lag issue when I do what I mentioned above.


              Take care!


              PS - I hope this makes since, i am not much of a writer hence this is my first post.

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                Mark Mapes Adobe Employee

                CSCooper: the audio icon you have circled indicates that it's an adaptive track. I'm not very familiar with what's special about adaptive tracks, but I know some people advise avoiding that type of audio track.


                Here's what all eight audio track types look like:


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                  LFedit Level 1

                  I have this same issue happening in 7.2.1, on new projects as well as old, i've tried 3 Nvidia drivers, and all exhibit the same behavior.....

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                    Nander Cirkel Level 1

                    CGIGolfer: you totally saved my day! I have been struggling with this for the last four hours up to the point where Premiere crashed on every edit. Rendering audio fixed it. Simple as that...

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                      John R Lee Level 1

                      Hey Guys,


                      I had been having this exact same problem with one of my CC projects.  I'm running the most up-to-date version of Premiere Pro CC right now.  Rendering the audio tracks did help reduce the frequency of this issue, but I had an additional wrinkle on my system.


                      I tend to save my projects to my dropbox, so that if there is a system crash or any other catastrophe I will always have a copy online that I can access.  However, if I have dropbox running while I'm working on a project, there seems to be an issue with Premiere Pro CC saving the file correctly .  In my case, I was repeatedly receiving a "Audio Filter missing: Internal Volume Mono" warning everytime I loaded my project.  I resolved this warning by removing all of the audio FX properties in my timeline--but it would spontaneously reoccur at random when I saved to dropbox.  My guess would be that perhaps dropbox tries to sync the file as it is being written, and this in turn opens the door to items/effects not being written correctly, but I'm not sure.



                      The permanent solution I found was to 1) Remove all the missing FX filters that the project warned me about.  2) Move the project file out of my dropbox and reload it.  3) Render all audio effects.  4) Save the project locally and instead of working out of dropbox, copy the local file to dropbox periodically.



                      That solved my issue.  It's not as nice as knowing I have a copy in the cloud immediately upon saving, but it seems to work just fine.  It was hours of me trying to correct the timeline lag issue before I was able to piece all of this together from the many insightful posts on this forum.  I thought I should mention my specific issue here because it was taking me hours to do some simple audio rubberbanding as my timeline would often fail to refresh and I'd click and move segments that I couldn't even see.

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                        RyanShepard Level 1

                        Hi cscooper2013. I was wondering if you were still experiencing this problem?

                        I know I am, currently running v8.0 (just released), and notice it performs exactly the same the previous version.

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                          jadel9025388 Level 1

                          I see the menu where it says "render audio" but it's not available for me to click (it's grayed out)

                          What do i do?!

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                            donverse74 Level 1

                            I know this post is old but I figure my solution will help someone.  FWIW my solution was to simply remove the multiband compressor that I had on 2 of the stereo tracks in my project.  I will just add the multiband compressor back after I'm done editing.


                            Rendering the audio as was suggested above did not work for me.

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                              Brucelboss Level 1

                              Go to audio hardware in preferences, and change the latency to the maximum value.  Then hit settings and select your default audio device properties.  Go to advanced and change you sample rate to the maximum.  Hit okay.  Hit okay again.  And once more.  It's what fixed it for me.  I ran into this issue when I was switching between an asio and mme audio device, and I didn't know what to set latency and audio device to. . . yeah.

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                                Peter Doris Level 1

                                This problem is shockingly bad. I had it back in version 7.2 or thereabouts but subsequently it was fixed, the fix being turning of Composite Preview During Trim. Back with a vengeance now in version 9.2 and renders the multi-cam workflow almost useless. The audio render thing works sometimes, but surely we want to be able to edit out audio as we go along too. I have two big multi-cam edits currently one at 3 hrs and one at 8hrs and I'm thinking I'm either going to switch to a conventional edit or switch to another (working) NLE. Bad show Adobe. Its not a new issue but one which has lay unfixed properly for the last 3 years.

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                                  peterh25564235 Level 1

                                  I just got off the phone with Adobe Tech support.  He changed my some settings in both my Documents/Adobe folder and User Preferences/ Adobe to be "read and write."  This seems to have helped.  He suggests I also clean my Cache in Library/Application Support/Adobe/Common/"Media Cache" & "Media Cache Files". I have not done it because I have a large project and it will take about 2 hours to rebuild and I am on a deadline so going to do it later.  But my project is working MUCH better already.  This was driving me completely made.....GOOD LUCK!

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                                    jackp18218236 Level 1

                                    I just solved a similar issue I was having today by adjusting my audio hardware settings in the driver dialog for the device.  It was set at normal "system performance" and I changed it to highspeed and boom, now Premiere plays as soon as I hit play.

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                                      americanjesus Level 1

                                      i bought a whole new computer and render audio fixed it. I make music videos and have a bunch of tracks to time the video better. THIS IS AWESOME. SOMEONE NEEDS TO EXPLAIN THIS TO PEOPLE.


                                      ITS THE AUDIO THAT IS LAGGING PREMIERE OUT.