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    LineChart Data Points


      How can we display Datapoint values on Flex LineChart.

      We can display Datapoint with Mouseover event useing showDataTips = true.

      But I need to display all Datapoints on above Marker.

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          Daryl Dean
          I'm not sure what you mean. You say you want all the data points displayed on the "above marker", can you explain a bit better what it is you want?

          Is it that you want the details for the datapoints displayed all the time, without having to mouse over them?
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            For the Flex LineChart I have written, I want to keep the datapoints visible at all times (not when i hover the mouse over)...

            Any ideas??

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              I need the same thing. I have a line chart where the data points show up with tool tips when the user mouses over them. However, what I want is for the data points to remain visible at all times, with the tool tips only popping up on mouseover.
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