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    Adobe Premiere Pro CC Crashing Every time.


      I just stared using Premiere and I like it! Fast rendering, great quality and small file sizes. Everything you want! But after the video I edited and rendered in Premiere, I went on to do another and now it crashes when i'm editing, crashes when i'm rendering. I have used the same file type for both the video that I successfully edited and rendered. The video file is a AVI 1280x720 30fps from Dxtory with the audio files (2) extracted to there on file, my voice and then windows audio. everything on my computer including Premiere is up to date. I have re-installed it once and even tired a few different video drivers. My PC spec are i5-2320 @ 3.00GHz, 8 GB ram GDDR3, 1TB Hard Drive, GTX 660 SC and it is all running on Windows 7 64bit.

      This is what it is telling me when it crashes.

      Files that help describe the problem:




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