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    Can anyone tell me where I can get this AMAZING Ae (I'm)assuming) template everyone's using?


      Here's a link to the AWSOMENESS!  http://goo.gl/dHQwN Or maybe some genious can make a similar one like even using a simple Brice 3D animated dolll or robot, like a flying orb robot with hands and using "H.U.D." Iron man graphics templates on Videohive..( I believe the syncing of hand jestures with vertual lines and shapes is called "tracking"), and selll for a low fee on Videohive or somewhere -or FREE is always in my budget. (I've never done Ae yet, so i couldn't do it myself, stilll perfecting Illustrator-self taught.) I like the idea of the person blured behind the smart glass so as  to not detract. And I LOVE the touch dots on his fingers and how he twists them and the text twists to, like the Iron Man computer interface or Future Crime. This template is so awsome because it fits all catagories from plumbing to tech. I've asked a few people, everyones hush. I've reseached to the bone using keywords like smart screen, interface, touch screen, hand, gestures, glass, holographic,fingers along with "INTRO" or "PROMO" and Ae on sites like Youtube, Videohive, and Revostock. Did the Google image search, which is what got me the goo. images but no resource files, just completed ads.  So yes if you can help. I want one of my very own so I can edit the text as my business grows.Thanks in advance 4 L@@king out!.