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    Indesign CS3 closes when printing


      I have OS X Mountain Lion and Indesign CS3. When i send a file to print, indesign closes.


      Deleting the PPD files in /library/printers/PPDs/contents/resources solve the problem, for a while, less than a week, then, it crashes again.


      i found this link, so, do i need to upgrade to CS5? is there a way to solve this problem without upgrading?

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          Not clear from your post if you are able to delete the PPD files again because they are being restored somehow, or if you can no longer print at all.


          There is practically no possibility that you will find a legitmate copy of CS5 available for purchase, so be very careful and be sure whoever is selling it guarantees that you can register and activate it, and that they are trustworthy. Many users don't realize that educational licenses cannot be transferred, and that any version used as part of an upgrade chain can only be transferred along with the rest of the chain, and that the transfer requires filinig a form at Adobe.


          The only options today on the regular market are CS6 perpetual license, for which I believe you would pay full price as there is no upgrade from CS3 any longer, or a Creative Cloud subscription. I believe your CS3 license would get you a discount for the first year. The subscription gets you both the CC versions released recently, and CS6 from the archive, which you may need. There are currently a few threads going here about problems users are facing with CC, but they don't affect everyone.