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    Trouble installing .plugin files (Mac)


      After hearing everyone rave over Twixtor for the past few years, I finally decided to give it a shot. I'm having trouble figuring out the installation though...


      I hope the documentation isn't a predictor for the quality of this plugin. There is nothing here in the way of installation. I ran the installer, which when finished sent finder windows into focus. i see the (.)plugin files and a few pdf's, but they don't show up in my premiere effects. After searching a few sites, I copy/pasted the files to my "MediaCore" folder (/libraries.../cs6/mediacore) which did bring them into my effects within premiere. I spent a few minutes toying with some settings (a la a youtube tut) and rendered my work area. I was pretty aggrevated to find a watermark every few frames when it was done.


      I contacted support, who in turn sent me the pdfs I already had (no install guide as far as I can see). I responded, asking for some detailed help and haven't gotten a response since this morning.


      Am I missing some step? If I double click the .plugin, a termal window opens - is this how I need to install them?


      Note: I found another post explaining the After Effects install process. For that I simply drug the plugins to the "plugin" folder under AE CS6 -> Plugins in my applications directory. The plugin works perfectly in AE (no watermark issues). I'd really like to get it working in Premeire though, just to save me a step in my workflow.