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    Batch security


      How to unlock a batch of PDFs in a large fold structure in acrobat 11.


      If not possible I want to OCR (turn to txt) the whole structure.


      They all have the same password.

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          Dave Merchant MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          You cannot remove security using the native Actions tools in Acrobat XI Pro, that feature was removed. You can however re-use an Acrobat X Pro sequence file which does it.


          Provided all your PDFs have the same password:


          • Download and install this Action.
          • Open Acrobat Pro's preferences, and in the Action Wizard section, set the security method to "Password Security".
          • Run the Action and enter the password.


          You won't be able to edit the Action from within Acrobat, but if you're curious about what it's doing, open it in a text editor.

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            Feldbot Level 1

            I tried this and it worked fine until I restarted Acrobat, then the action was gone. I can't reinstall it either, the filename still exists in a directory preventing me from adding the action back. Is there no other way to batch process removing security from PDFs from Acrobat XI forward?