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    Glyph descender is cut off when printing.


      I am using an alternate glyph in which the descender is low and swashy. However, upon printing, it keeps getting partially "cut off" at the bottom. I have adjusted the leading to the point that it is unsightly, and also adjusted the baseline grid. Neither method has worked for me. Is it happening because I'm printing on my home printer, which is not a post-script machine?!?

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          Could be a print driver issue, or something else. It's hard to know.


          Try exporting to PDF and print that and see if it works better.

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            amsb9903 Level 1

            Thanks for responding, Peter. I actually solved this particular problem by converting the type to outlines, and it printed just fine after that.


            In this case, it was an okay fix, because it was just a small area of display text but I'm worried that I'll have the same problem again later in larger documents and body text. So I'll keep that suggestion in mind if I run into the problem again!


            (BTW, I do suspect that the problem stems from a driver issue. I'm printing on a basic, off-the-shelf HP home printer which doesn't have a driver I can select in my Print dialogue.)