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    Premiere Pro CS4 XDCAM EX35 codec - any help welcome!!


      Hi, I have just got a new laptop (PC) to be able to - finally - edit HD material using Premiere Pro. However, I still have Premiere Pro CS4. The data I want to edit are MOV files - one lot comes from a Canon D5 - which is absolutely no problem for Premiere, the other lot comes from a JVC camera, the codec is XDCAM EX35 (according to mediainfo). When I try to import these files, Premiere tells me that it does not have the right codec. But what I find strange is that mediainfo tells me that Quicktime (latest version installed yesterday) should be able to open the file - but Quicktime also can't play the file (or rather, only plays sound but no video). So maybe it's a Quicktime problem? My boyfriend edited some of the same material with Premiere Pro CS5 and had no problems - but updating the programme will be a longer term project for me, and I was really hoping for a short term interim solution. And as I said, I am still not sure why Quicktime does not play the file either (no problem with the VLC player). Any suggestions would be very helpful!