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    Indesign CS6 has stopped finding Fonts


      Hi, I'm working on InDesign Cs6 and I'm having trouble with fonts. The program has suddenly stopped picking up fonts I have been using for years. For some reason, even though the fonts are all installed and I have used them all many times, Indesign is only picking up what looks like the first font in the family. For example, in the Galliard font family it is registering the Bold font but the Italic, Bold Italic and Roman fonts are all shown as "missing". It's happening with a whole long list of them and I have no idea why.


      The computer hasn't changed, no files have been moved and the only changes I made to my font folder was adding a new version of Helvetica, which was done days ago and I never had any issues until now. And even that brand new Helvetica is registering as missing. The files with the fonts have not been edited in any way either.


      I tried typing something in Galliard just to test whether it was an issue with the files I'm using but it is missing from my list of fonts. When I type Galliard into the font list it appears and has Roman listed as the style but the second I hit enter to apply the font it switches to bold again and roman disappears from the font style list.


      Any suggestions?