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    Sporadic Recording

      I'm having problems when recording. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. It worked a couple of times then stopped. Then it works sporadically. I've resorted to using screen shots but not even that's working now. I was able to recored today (once) then stopped again. I've rebooted my computer, disc defragged and disk cleaned and reinstalled it trying in desparation to get it to work. Anybody have this experience or have a clue what could be causing this problem and how to fix it?
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          CatBandit Level 3
          There is nothing more difficult than to remotely troubleshoot someone else's PC - except troubleshooting an intermittent problem remotely, on someone else's PC.

          That said, I would first check the resources on your PC to see if it might be a local hardware or software problem. You seem to have started that process.

          Regarding hardware:
          Do you have plenty of contiguous free HDD space available?
          Is your CPU handling other graphic-intensive applications okay?
          Specifically, what make and speed of CPU are you running?
          What does Task Manager read during your attempted recording actions?
          ..... (CPU usage percentage) .....
          How much RAM is installed on your development machine?
          Are you working on a networked machine (workstation) or a local?

          From the software perspective:
          What version of Captivate are you running?
          What other applications are running simultaneously ....
          ..... (specifically, any that might capture the "PRTSCR" key) .....
          Have you opened MSCONFIG to shut down Startup programs, then rebooted?
          ..... (some other screen capture program may be running at startup) .....

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