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    Distance to time calculation in Adobe pro

    hdhdhejekek Level 1

      181 nautical miles at a speed of 130 knots

      Im using a combo box with all my destinations and 2 text boxs one labeled distance the other time.

      my drop down box of destinations will give a list of different numbers using a export value of a number i select to match the picked destanation  Im having the distance text box calculate using the text field properties sum(+) to get the number. It only show the same number as I provided as the export value. This is ok I can see all the distances to the matching one on the drop box.


      The time box having problems with is the time box I need it to use the number in the distance box to calculate the time.

      The Distance is the only number that changes for example city (A) was picked it gives a number of 130 I need the time box to calculate this in to a time.  Distance (130 nautical miles) divided by the speed of 130 knots I need this to show me a time of 1  or one hour.


      so using the text field properties of the time text box how do i get it to find the number 130 from the text box distance and make the calculations. 

      Custom Calculation Script ?


      Thank you