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    PDF files on mobile Devices with iOS and/or Android


      I would like to use PDF files (with embedded JS Code) on Smartphones and Tablets with iOS and/or Android.

      Are there Apps out there that not only display the contents (the "graphics") of the PDF file correctly

      but also execute the embedded JS Code properly on such devices?

      And if so, which Versions will be supported for

           Adobe Pro?



      Are there freeware or shareware Versions available?

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          gkaiseril MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Since the mobile devices, smart phones, tablets, eReaders, do not support JavaScript the app you use will need to provide the JavaScript support. Not all apps provide this support for JavaScript. The apps that support JavaScript only support a limited number of features so you will need to test the PDFs, the device and the app.


          The version of Acrobat that runs on your computer will not work on your mobile device since the CPU's, Central Processing Unit, machine code is very different since the devices have different CPUs and the storage space to hold the code on the mobile device is much less than your desktop or laptop.


          Adobe Mobile Reader does support some JavaScript but not date formatting and not document level JavaScript.


          Expert PDF for the iPxx supports the largest amount of JS but still does not support all the possible JS that could be used in a form.