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    Uploading OSGI bundles via Maven - CQ Blueprints


      Hi everyone,


      Im new to OSGI and wanted to understand how the OSGI manages the bundle version numbers in CQ.  DBasically do we need to update the bundle version each time we make a small code change?


      The reason for my question is that, when I make a code change to my bundle and use the maven-bundle-plugin to import into CQ, my changes are not relflected unless I change the maven version number of the project. So it appears that OSGI is maintaining a version number for my bundles and only updates the bundle when it gets a new new version number.


      I am using the out of box maven mutli-module project generated from the CQ Blueprints archetypes.  So im sure I havent broke anything and its just my lack of understanding with OSGI.