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    Is there a way to recover corrupted psd. files?


      I recently transferred all my work from a work computer to my mac at home. i am unable to access my work computer until October as we are having a 'break'. However, I have a deadline for September 15th and I need all my files.

      Some older files open perfectly fine but I fear there was a problem in downloading-perhaps due to my haste to leave and enjoy the beautiful weather!

      I tried downloading a Remo Repair software but unfortunately this was unable to launch. Is there program out there that you would recommend in this instance for me to recover my psd files-which are of great importance!

      Any help would be appreciated


      Basic notes:

      Created on Windows computer cs5

      Trying to open on Mac cs5

      Sd card used to transfer-couldn't eject, this may be the problem

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          Curt Y Level 7

          It is most difficult to recover a corrupted file.  Many have tried but almost all end up in failure.  Try opening in another program.  IF you can then "save as" and you can probably open in PS.


          Do you have a backup?  Do you still have original files on Win computer?  These are your best bets.  It is too late for these files, but I think you can see the necessity of having a backup on a separate HD or even on a disk.