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    Indesign cs5 custom shapes curved corners

    Itzy Bitzy

      We have recently upgraded our offices Adobe from CS3 to CS5 and for the most part have found it a pain free experience.

      However I have one issue which I cannot find any solution to from any online source (I've used every combination of frame/shape/corner & much more with cs5).


      curved finished rect.png

      This image is a custom rectangle I have created a hundred times before on CS3. Previously if I wanted to create this shape, with its nice smooth curves on each corner I would start by creating a rectangle, convert the shape to a rounded rectangle and then add two extra points on the top and left edge, before moving the top right corner point in. The new points would also contain this inbuild corner and it would sit very easily and nicely. Holding down shift would maintain the shapes right-angle integrety and all would be well with the world.


      However, with CS5, I get this monstrosity!

      curved rectangle.png

      As soon as I add extra points to the shape, the corner points split from into two,  and the curve I want to end up with has become fixed in the 'reverse' position (meaning a whole lot of potential messing with angles is potentially required), but even worse it has also lost the knowledge that the whole shape is meant to be curved, as my new points now don't want to behave like the rest.


      This was once a  simple task for me which I required regularly for laying out brochure spreads, but which now seems impossible to my admittedly non-expert eye. I feel sure that there must be a way around it but I cannot find it anywhere - all the demo's want to do is helpfully show me how you can now adjust one corner, whilst leaving the others in tact. That's a great feature, but as its limited to a 4 sided shape, what do you do if you have 6 sides as above, and want to maintain smooth edges throughout?


      Any help in solving this would be gratefully appreciated.