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    New beta features (July) - feedback please

    Dave E Employee Moderator

      Since we launched the site redesign back in June, we've heard a lot of feedback from active Kuler members.  And, we took your feedback to heart. Today, we're happy to be able to share several changes we've been working.  Some of these changes are no-brainers and we're making them available to everyone.  Others need a bit more refinement--so, we're looking for input from you.  In this post, I'll explain what's changed and how you view/use the new features.  Please reply to this post to share your feedback.


      Features enabled for this group: (click this link to view the features: https://kuler.adobe.com/features/enable/newFeatures)


      We have created a special link to give you access to new features (new feature link)--without this link you won't be able to see the new features.  This link will allow you to use the site, same as before, but will also enable the new features that we're looking for feedback on.  So, here's an overview of what's new:


      (1) Create themes from an image: You can create themes from an image stored on your device.  Here's how: from the the Create page (color wheel), you should see a camera icon above and to the right of the color wheel. Click the icon and you will be asked to select an image from the file picker.  Select your image and start picking colors.

      (2) Resizing the color wheel: You can resize the color wheel to make it small or keep it large.  And, the site will remember your preference. Here's how: hover over the color wheel on the create page and your cursor will change to a magnifying glass with either a "+" or a "-" symbol.  If you click the wheel you can make it smaller or larger.  Large is good for selecting the right hue and small for viewing color interactions on your theme. 

      (3) Smaller borders (and the ability to remove the white "active" border):  We've reduced the size of the borders so they don't get in the way.  We've also made it possible to remove the "active" color selection when editing on the color wheel.  Here's how: while viewing the color wheel, click on the dark grey portion of the page above, below or to each side of the color wheel.  You can now see your theme without any "active" border. 

      (4) Easier to find color space data (e.g. RGB, CMYK, etc.): several people had some trouble finding all the color spaces (e.g. RGB, CMYK, LAB, HSB).  So, we added a hover effect that will automatically expand the color space data when you mouse over it.  If you prefer to work in a specific space and don't want it to keep expanding, you can stop the expanding feature by clicking  on the white triangle.  That will contract the menu and will make the last space you edited the default. 


      Features available to everyone: (no special link required to view)


      (5) Save changes dialogue: many of you mentioned the new site would not give you a choice to save a new theme or overwrite an existing theme after editing.  That's now fixed. 

      (6) Tab order: a few people mentioned tabbing through color spaces was tedious.  You asked us to allow you to tab through each color in a single space (e.g. RGB) before moving on to a different color space (e.g. CMYK).  We've made this change. 

      (7) Instant saving: Saving a theme was taking a couple seconds--which was too long. We've updated the save feature to be much quicker.



      That's it for now.  We're working on a bunch of other features and we plan to share those on the forum in the coming weeks.  We look forward to reading your feedback!

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          Michael Trout

          One big issue I have, and it may have been in there all along, is when changing a color to be the new base color. All the colors in the theme shift... and there is no such thing as an 'undo'. Once the theme gets skewed, there is no returning. Perhaps it is as intended and I didn't notice as it was a bit harder to change base color in the older version. Now, it is very easy to click on the large 'set as base color' area.


          Drag and drop color swatch is still missing , and colors do not always align with similar hues. For instance, A triad theme has two color each on two of the spokes. Sometimes, the two colors are separated by one of the other three colors. Intentional? Regardless, allowing the user to shuffle the color swatches as desired would help.


          I appreciate the changes made so far.

          1) Create from Image: not testesed at this point

          2) Color Wheel: Resizing the color wheel works as menitoned. Nice.

          3) Borders: smaller border and being able to hide the border is great.

          4) Color Space: setting default works


          I've not checked items 5-7.


          • Still need an 'undo' and/or 'revert' function.
          • Perhaps add the ability to lock a color axis so that changing other colors does not skew the wheel (and thus the colors) inadvertantly. Perhaps once a color is 'locked' the Color Rule changes to 'custom'.
          • Need to be able to shuffle swatches.



          Okay, so a workaround for my 'big issue' is to start on a color rule, then change to 'custom' before changing the default color.

          Changing to custom also makes it harder to skew the entire theme by accidently nudging one color.

          So, I suppose that would all be classified as 'usability/user error' not bug.


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            Sjaani Level 1

            Why is the Get the Kuler App content in a box taking up the entire length at the top?  It's not the most important feature of the website.

            It's only available to iPhone users so completely irrelevant to many people. It should be a simple link at the top of the screen along with Create Explore & My Themes.


            In the currently available Kuler the CMYK, RGB, LAB, HSB & HEX list stays open. In the one you link to here with special features it keeps closing when you move your mouse of it.  I'd prefer to have the option to keep it open so I can look at it without continuously having to activate the opening action.


            I do like the fact that the wheel can be reduced so that squares can be seen in full though.


            Also noticing that the colour theme created from an image doesn't list the CMYK, RGB etc. values.

            This would be useful to have regardless of whether it created from the colour wheel or an image.

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              Dave E Employee Moderator

              Thank you both for for the feedback.  Michael, I understand your input.


              Sjaani, can you send me a screenshot of the "Get Kuler App" box you are seeing?  Please post the image to the forum or send me a message.  I want to be sure I understand your feedback.

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                Sjaani Level 1


                Hi Dave,


                I'm refering to the section at the top in the light grey rectangle.

                "Get the Kuler for the iPhone to capture color inspiration on the go."
                It's taking up more real estate on the page than it needs to and pushing more useful information off the screen.

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                  heathercoles Level 1

                  Yesssssssss. I'm so glad you guys put the palette from image back in. I'm super excited to start using it again!
                  I have no complaints about the new interface but I've yet to try importing palettes into Illustrator.
                  One suggestion: new users may not understand how to get the most saturated versions of each swatch.
                  Advanced users can open up HSB and set S & B to 100 to get the most saturated, brighest version of that hue.


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                    yes, you repaired some issues fairly.
                    but, to be honest... not more.


                    The expanding of the colors is funny but complicates the work.


                    Still dont understand your design intentions.

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                      Just had a quick look, so my (first) comments are just about the new/fixed features. I only took a look at my laptop with small screen, so I would have to check on a bigscreen computer, tablet and iphone to give complete advice. And checkout more of course.


                      So, for now on small screen laptop:



                      (1) Create themes from an image:

                      (a) Choosing picture: You can only pick a picture on your disk. Why not from the web? That's a missing.

                      (b) Working: After picking it seems to work allright, but I haven't used it until now.

                      (c) Activate camera icon: It takes a while (3 sec) before responding. That's too long, looks like it isn't responding.


                      (2) Resizing the color wheel:

                      (a) covering colors: Hurray! Very nice to get rid of the wheel in front of my colors.

                      (b) magnifying glass: recognizable and it works. Good option.

                      (c) changing magnifying glass in a colorpicking +symbol:  To my surprise that works good. When hovering over the colorpickers it and I used it without thinking.

                      (d) remembering settings: Nice! But will it remember my settings on a different computer? I have to try.

                      (3) Smaller borders (and the ability to remove the white "active" border): 

                      (a) Smaller borders: Nice, just small enough to notice and not disturb too much

                      (b) remove the white "active" border):  Smooth!


                      (4) Easier to find color space data (e.g. RGB, CMYK, etc.):

                      (a) Expanding: Not very fond of the constant expanding. I would prefer to choose a preference when working on a theme.

                      (b) change default color space: That's a good option, but still it expands to all spaces when hovering over it.



                      (5) Save changes dialogue:

                      (a) dialogue: works fine

                      (b) naming the theme: the name is still default, you have to give a name afterwards, by editing. Why not ask for a name when you save the first time or save a copy?


                      (6) Tab order: works fine, tab and shift-tab


                      (7) Instant saving: Saves quickly

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                        Dave E Employee Moderator

                        Jonna, thank you again for the thoughtful response.  Your feedback is straightforward.  I'll share with the team.

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                          Raoul Horvay

                          thank you for the changes you've made! i love the implementation of kuler in illustrator and many things more. i've been testing the new features and they work fine so far. but i'm missing the possibility to delete or add some color fields in the create/edit section. for explample, sometimes i just need to use three colors in a projekt and i find it kind of annoying to have allways five colors displayed in the illustrator kuler tab or on the browser.

                          another things that keeps bothering me is the "get kuler app" box. i've installed the app, which by the way is great, but the box keeps showing. is this some kind of advertising box that will stick there forever. is there a way to turn it off? are you planing in adding a kuler tab to indesign? would be great.

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                            So much better! Thank you!

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                              Dave E Employee Moderator

                              Thanks everone for the feedback.  We really appreciate you taking the time to review and provide input. 


                              Today, we're pushing all but one of these features to production--so you no longer need the special URL To access them.  Based on your feedback, we decided to not release the "easier to find color space data."  We'll keep working on that. 


                              We've also introduced a few new beta features for you to check out.  You can use the same special link to access these features.  (click this link to view the features: https://kuler.adobe.com/features/enable/newFeatures).


                              Here's a link to the post where you can provide feedback: http://forums.adobe.com/message/5577577#5577577