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    File works perfect in testing, swf will not work

    WmChrisHoward Level 1


      Flash CS6, Dell workstation, i3 3.4Ghz, 6GB RAM, Windows 8 64-bit (Also have CC on the Mac at home)


      File is a simple file, 10 images, loop made to change every five seconds, one image (telephone number) on front layer of all images...


      Would have done an animated gif but customer wanted each image to link to different URL.


      Used ActionScript to link to each URL. The top layer shows the different scripts at the change in the image in the timeline.


      The whole thing works great if I hit Ctrl - Enter, all the images look great, the links all work and the tel number is clear.


      Export to swf and none of the links work; send to the company posting the ad, and not only the links do not work but the tel number does not appear...


      See here; look for yellow background with pineapple, then other potted plants (155 pixels square) for Rose of Sharon:




      Was originally trained on CS4, not much use in over a year, now using CS6 (better at photography). I thought it would be the export process, but why does the swf work here?


      Can provide fla file and swf...


      Please help. I've tried variations in the export/publish settings but can't figure it out. Most web help is for buttons...


      I thank you in advance!


      Edit: No error messages.