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    Is it possible to run reports?


                If I want to create a form where people enter specific information, is it possible to run a report that filters out that particular date and includes all of that information? Two examples:


      1) If I ask those completing the form to list their company, is it possible to then filter all of the responses by company so that I can see which people completed the form from each company?

      2) If I ask for medical information, is it possible to run a report that extracts all of the specific information I requested and download that as a PDF?

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          Genevieve Laroche Adobe Employee

          You can apply a filter on the Response Table. Any filter apply in the public view (View > Private View unchecked) will be reflected in the Summary Report as well (in other words private view filters don't affect the Summary Report tab).


          To apply a filter

          - Go to the View Response

          - Select the Response toolbar if not already selected

          - Press the Filter button.



          This will bring up a dialog for you to pick your filters. When filters are set you will see a "Filtered by:"  section under the toolbar (see image above when the responses are filtered to only show responses where State equals CA). In your case you can add a filter for the company. Note that you can also sort (see the Sort button on the toolbar) by companies. You could use the sort to easily color code you response rows for example (each company could have its own color).


          About your second question. I'm not sure exactly what you want. You can export each responses into a PDF form (right click on a response row and select "Download Response as PDF Form". This will return you a PDF with the data in it. You can't filter which data you want in or out of this PDF (the whole data set will be included, except the columns you manually added to the response table). You need a paid subscription to generate this PDF.