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    Playback delay with AJA Kona 3G

    Morgan Francis



      I Have a reasonably powerful editing machine Running windows 7 and premiere cc all up to date. 32 cores and 64GB of ram. Quadro 6000 and Tesla C2075 and an AJA Kona 3G.


      Everything runs fine until we install the Kona 3G card at which point there is a very annoying lag between pressing the space bar and the the vidoe playing back or stopping.


      If we take the Kona out of the loop the playback goes back to being instant. Unfortunately we need the various output option on the Kona card so would really like to fins a soloution for this.


      Have tried AJA and they don't aknowledge that there is a problem at their end they say it's the new way Premiere caches video before playing?


      Any ideas anyone?