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    PHP viewing issues.




      I've got an issue with viewing my website(s), which I've written as PHP files - mainly to use the <?php include'filename.php'; ?> ability so I only have to edit one file for headers and anything else.


      I'm now trying to start out my website building for mobile devices before desktop, I've found/heard it's easier. In attempting this, I've downloaded Inspect, but I can't view my PHP files, viewed on my web browser as... localhost/foldername/filename.php ...


      So, my question is:

      Is the a compatability issue with PHP files and Inspect?; Is there an issue with Inspect trying to view locally 'hosted' files (my website's still in development so it's 'hosted' locally)?; Or is it something else?


      Thanks in advance!

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          Vishakha Adobe Employee

          if you see a forbidden error, on your device, you need to reconfigure your server to allow connections from other machines. For instance if you have a wamp server running locally you need to modify bin\apache\Apache2.4.4\httpd.conf and alias\phpmyadmin.conf. By default it only allows connections from localhost.





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