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    GV Edius

    Denzil G

      I am a user of GV Edius 6.54 (someone has to suport them). is it possible to create a project in After Effects and take the finished article into Edius, and if so how easy is it. Denzil

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          Dave LaRonde Level 6

          Render out your AE work in the codec you're using when you edit in Edius. 


          Unfortunately, there isn't any software (to my knowledge) that will do nifty things like importing your edit timeline into AE, or using and AE project file as a substitute for footage in the Edius edit timeline.

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            Denzil G Level 1

            Thanks Dave. I do not want to move from Edius as it is very ueser friendly and it is very very stable, plus I hve used it since Edius 3. It is just that I want to use "Heads and Tails" that are supplied by another company and to use them it works off of AE and I cant see another way around it. I do not think I can export in the Edius codec. Can I save the project in AE as either an MPEG of AVI. That way I can pull it straight into Edius. Denzil

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              Dave LaRonde Level 6

              Edius can use a variety of codecs.  I've made quicktime movies in the PNG codec in Edius.  You have to have Quicktime installed, of course.....