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    File desktop to browser, drag drop / input upload

    robboerman Level 4

      hi everyone,


      I'm working on a project with drag and drop and im using jqeuryui for that.

      but i want the user to be able to drag a photo to the page and that it apears on the page in the browser ( no fancy upload but just client data)

      and also a button to "upload it" but just also using data ( i dont want to use node.js or any database for this project.)


      can someone help me with a simple script for that? found alot of scripts but all required databases, i just want to keep it simple.


      so just a dragged photo from desktop to browser and let that attend a div,

      and a input button to upload a photo and let that attend a div.

      all simple local.


      i would love to hear a responds.


      - Rob