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    InDesign checkbox troubleshooting

    Creative_Chris Level 1

      Hello All!


      I am creating an extensive checklist for my company. I have been using Acrobat Pro to create the checkboxes until today. I figured out how to embed the checkboxes in a table so I don't have to move them all every time I need to add or remove a line. So here is my problem: When I export the doc as an interactive PDF, two checkmarks appear when the box is clicked (one that appears in the button pallete and a default checkmark that looks like a calibri check).


      I have tried to create a main one that has my button as a checkbox and just the normal on/off state, a very basic one using just a blank text and frame box, and a blank one (where the default checkmark pops up). I also tried to create a state for the click on/off and delete the normal on/off but it is the default checkmark and it looks hideous. I've worked too hard on this to have it shat upon.


      If I can get this down it will look good on my review and possibly help me get a raise. Thank you in advance for any and all help!