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    problem importing .psd files


      We recently updated to the new version of premiere pro (cs6) and we are now having trouble importing .psd files that worked perfectly fine on our older version. When we try and import the photo shop files, we get a generic error message and it will not let us import them. Please help!

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          Thanks for the reply. We updated from premiere pro 5 into the newer 6 version (to make the program run faster on our computers). We are using a windows 7 computer with an intel core i7 cpu processor. We had many saved projects inside our older version of premiere that included some photo shop files. Now that we have updated premiere, the files now come up as "media offline" and are missing. When I tried to bring back in those .psd files that we have saved on our computer, a "file import error" messages comes up saying that a generic error has occured. I just spoke with tech support from adobe and he told me to update the programs through the application manager so that is what I am doing now. Once that is done, I will try and upload the .psd files again but I am not sure what step to take from there if that does not work- which is likely. Let me know what other information I can give you to help me. Thanks!