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    Generating .chm from Robohelp for Word, but none of my Help Documents are Showing?!

      Hey guys,

      I'm new to the forum (and to Robohelp), and have been spending the last few days being frustrated by what I'm sure is an easy fix but I can't seem to find the answer to.

      I've created a pretty simple help file in Robohelp for Word, and all I want to do compile it using Microsoft HTML Help into a .CHM file and distribute the whole deal. Pretty simple, right? Except when I test the chm on another computer:

      - The Help browser shows
      - My TOC shows

      ... but none of my actual Help documents show. Instead, it tells me that it cannot display the webpage. Where are the files I need to distribute with it going, if not to the folder I wanted it to compile to? What am I missing?

      Thank you so much for you help!