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    Adjustment Layer gone nuts

    Dave Bode

      For some reason I am having savage problems with adjustment layers in premiere. I have a sequence with a few video layers, one of them has a track matte applied, one of them is has an alpha, and a AL on top. At the start of the sequence, an effect applied to the AL causes one of the video layers to not be visible as it track matte stops working. Disabling the effect makes it work again.


      In the same sequence, I have a photoJPG.mov video and a AL on the layer above. I am trying to create a simple bloom effect with a fast blur, noise, and procamp. I use keyframes to ramp the effect down at the beginning of the clip. The AL seems to work with fast blur and procamp, but as soon as I apply noise it goes nuts. It disregards noise keyframes all together and has a constant noise applied. Resetting the effect, deleting keyframes, and re-ordering the effects does nothing. Or sometimes adding noise just causes the AL to disregard all the keyframes of the all the effects.


      This is super frustrating. Can one of you point me in the right direction?