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    Help Creating a "Scott Pilgrim" Effect for a Silhouette



      I'm wanting to create an effect similar to the text effect in the opening credits of "Scott Pilgrim" (see 1:34 for the best example). Instead of text, though, I want to use it to "stroke" a person. I have an idea of how I could apply it to an entire scene - using a few saturated & transparent duplicates and using a quick wiggle on each. I really want to apply it to just the person in the scene though. I think I could still use this process and adding some masking. Unfortunately, masking is where I am weakest when it comes to AE.


      Does anyone have a more elegant or simple idea?


      Is there a plugin that might be able to pull this off more easily?


      Sadly, the footage cannot be redone so a chroma mask isn't going to be possible.