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    How to link the InDesign CS5 file to the XML file?

    sharda hosein

      We are putting together a product catalog.

      The following link will give you the template indesign file, the xml file and the pdf of the sample spreads.

      https://www.wetransfer.com/downloads/0465a99b6ce6b1fd44f12fc26547a38820130722220132/9a813c b215e9cca78bdbe5bc7e3a94e020130722220132/d8c160



      We don't know where we are missing a step.

      Would anyone be able to look over the files and see what we're missing?


      Once we want to tie the xml to the indesign, what is the procedure?


      We have to get a 400 page catalog done in a month so I would really appreciate any help.


      Thank you.