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    Undocumented way of loading modules

    ab1301 Level 1
      In trying to figure out how to get httpServices working inside modules, I came across an undocumented (as far as I know) way of loading modules.

      When you add modules to a project in flex builder, they are added to the custom components folder in design view. When I noticed, this, I figured that dragging and dropping a module from the custom components folder onto the application would result in a moduleLoader tag being added to the app. To my surprise, what was added was the attached code. To my even greater surprise, when I compiled the project the module worked almost perfectly. (the only thing that didn't work was the send that was supposed to happen on creation complete--not a big deal, and easy to work around as all my other sends worked perfectly).

      Upon further inspection, however, when loaded this way the module simply acts like a giant component, and is compiled into the main application swf. So it isn't a module at all anymore, and thus doesn't solve my problem of not being able to get httpServices to work in modules.

      Anyway, nothing I have read about modules mentions this capability, so I thought someone might find it interesting.