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    Q9650 run Premiere without stuttering?

    VivaMinolta Level 1

      Hey Guys,


      For those of you have used the first generation of quad core chips, can they run premiere without stuttering or choking on transitions and AVCHD 24/mbs DSLR footage? I'm using a dual core E8600, and I'm doing much more editing than I anticipated, particularly multicam editing. Even with a GTX 670 running in CUDA alongside it, the E8600 has a hard time keeping up with DSLR footage, and when it hits transitions, the "Film Dissolve" in particular, which I use all the time, it stutters and never catches up until I stop playback. And multicam is a joke.  Render times haven't been a problem for me, its the playback that's driving me crazy and costing me productivity.   


      So I'm on the fence about whether to put one last upgrade in the old box-the Q9650. I can find them on ebay as low as $130. Can this perform silky smooth in the aforementioned scenarios? I know the sandy bridge quad i5 based imac's at school can.  Option 2 is a brand new Haswell based build.  I only need CPU+Mobo+RAM (16gb) which i price out at $575.  Money is verrrry tight right now, so if I can get a usability boost from the cheaper upgrade I'm gonna go for that until business builds up. 



      Thanks in advance for your opinions. 

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          cc_merchant Level 4

          Don't waste your money on a lousy Q9650. The best you can achieve with such a system is among the 10% slowest performers. Go for an i7 Haswell and 16+ GB memory and you may end up among the 25% fastest systems. Around 5 times faster than the Q9650.


          Ideally you would go for a hexa core because of the multicam with DSLR material and your video card, but that is out of budget range.

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            RjL190365 Level 4

            My advice is to not waste any money at all on that old LGA 775 platform, especially if it uses severely outdated DDR2 system RAM. My own testing running CS5.5 with a Q9450 (similar to the Q9650, only lower clocked at 2.66 GHz instead of 3.0 GHz) showed that the Q9450 was significantly slower than even a dual-core Sandy Bridge i3-2100. At stock speeds, that Q9650 would have been no faster overall than an i3-2100. This is largely due to the substantially slower external bus throughput from the CPU itself as well as the total lack of an L3 cache.