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    expanding a field


      how do I expand a field so I can see all the text within it when I print the form?

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          Genevieve Laroche Adobe Employee

          We are working on a feature to have this working properly automatically but in the mean time you can go to the Design Tab and drag the bottom right corner of the multiline fields to make them bigger. This will change the layout of the fillable form but will also make the field bigger in the PDF response.


          You can also print the Detail view from the View Responses tab (View > Detail View, Select a row and click on the print button at the bottom of the right pane).



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            RandySwineford Adobe Employee

            We've changed how we generate PDF files from responses. If the response is too long and getting cropped we will now automatically expand the field to show all of the text in the outputted PDF.

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              One thing we've found is that when a field gets expanded as described above it ends up stacking fields that would normal be displayed side by side down the page.


              For example we might have something like this...


              Job Duties (multiline)     Reason for Leaving (single line)    May we contact your Employer? (Yes\No with conditional formating)


              If the user puts in a simple response to Job Duties and fills in the rest all is good.  We get the response and save each record as a PDF that hiring managers use as the job applicaiton.


              However if the user fills in a lot of data in the Job Duties multiline box (they often will copy and paste from resume) we end up with something like the following...


              Job Duties


              Reason for Leaving


              May we contact your Employer?


              The are all stacked on top of each other making the output PDF ugly and uses more paper, etc.


              Any way to correct this?  I'm going to have to put charecter limts but I do feel this is a bug on the side of the Saving response as a PDF.

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                Genevieve Laroche Adobe Employee

                This is a side effect of this feature. When the content is too big to fit the box the objects on that row are move top to bottom (each object is moved to a separate row).

                If you want to avoid this you have to make the multiline or single line text field wider and or longer so that the field doesn't need to grow to fit content.