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    Perform Query Off line

      I have a form where the user is allowed to make selections and then uploads a file to be processed. How do I process the queries off-line and send results to the requestor via mail as a comma separated value (CSV) file?
      I mainly need to know how to call the file withouth letting the user see it and how do I pass the values to it?
      Appreciate all help in this matter.
      Thank you.
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          Dan Bracuk Level 5
          Processing off line could be done as a scheduled job.

          cfdirectory allows you to find the file
          cffile allows you to read it.

          I don't know what you mean by passing values to it.
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            AnuPrem Level 1
            The user uploads a txt file which has ip address - one per line. I have to upload this file and process each ip address - one at a time, put the results in a file and attach that file and send it via email.
            After I upload the file, I have to execute the rest of the process off-line, meaning the user should not see the cfm file that processes this txt file. I hope I have been able to explain.