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    time-remapping audio artifacts - pops/crackling/static


      I'm still not entirely sure why it happens but when I slow footage down with time-remapping in AE CS5-6 I can most of the time get these 2-3 frame audio popping sounds ( best way I can describe it, you could also describe it as a static spike or crackling sound, something that is noticeable different from the slowed down audio ). However I don't get it at anytime during ram previews, I'm only hearing them with rendered footage. Normally I'd just take those rendered clips and reduce the audio levels for those 2-3 frames but I'd like to see if there is a way to avoid it entirely.


      I've tried rendering in various codecs and matching the source footage settings exactly but haven't had any success in that direction. Again it's not in the source and it doesn't show up in ram preview, only after it's been rendered do you hear any of it. Any input and possible alternative approaches to solving this issue would be great I've run out of stuff to try.