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    Why are my renders not being saved in PPR since upgrading to CS6?




      Anybody ever had this problem with CS6 Premier Pro?


      My rendered footage is not being saved?


      After I render any footage and save it does not stay rendered after I close down the program? The work area footage that I render is green after being rendered but when I close down and open back up its red again?


      I have been working on a feature film project for several years now on a Dell XPS 420 (Intel Core 2 Quad, 7GB RAM, 1 TB available storage space, Windows 7 Professional 64 bit, EVGA GeForce GTX 580 video card) using CS3 and recently upgraded to CS6 because CS3 was not able to handle large amounts of rendering (frequently closing down).


      So I was able to open my very large CS3 created file in CS6 PPR where it conformed and relinked all the media files.


      But there are a few things that are just not working correctly, such as the one just mentioned as well as a problem with every file "Conforming" every time I open the project in PPR? Shouldn't these files that are "Conforming" also be saved the first time I open the project? Why do they have to conform every time I open the project? I have hours of edited footage and "Conforming" takes over an hour every time I open it.


      I thought the CS3 file may have been corrupted somewhere along the way to becoming a CS6 file but there have been no error windows or anything to indicate any problems?


      I also considered uninstalling CS6 and reinstalling it but that would be my last resort.


      Or is it a couple of glitches in the CS6 program?


      Anybody have any ideas how I can fix the problem of my rendered footage not being saved and with the problem of "Conforming" every time I open the project in PPR CS6?