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    Can't Update InD CS6 Through CC

    peterpica2 Level 1

      I recently subscribed to the CC package with InD, PS, Ily, etc. Got notation in CC menu bar that 6 of my CS6 apps have updates available. I've repeatedly tried to update each one of them, but after seemingly downloading the updates (progress bar finishes) I get message that 'update failed. learn more' When I click on 'learn more' I get a bunch of .gz logs that tell me abolutely nothing.


      I'm using the CC apps reguarly now, but must revert to InD CS6 (8.0.1) in order to access a few plugins that I use fairly often--these aren't yet available for InD CC. I'd like to keep these apps updated, at least the InD CS6 one.


      Anyone else?