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    Does anyone else hate YouTube?

    RoysScreenName Level 1

         Previously I was able to upload an answer print to YouTube without much trouble.

         Tonight, however, YouTube and/or Google demanded that I set up a "YouTube channel." I clicked on this. And waited.

         And waited.

         And waited.

         And waited.

         And waited.

         This despite that I'm on a 4G Wifi hookup!

         After watching the "working" spinner for exactly 10 minutes (this after a previous 6 minute session of watching the spinner) I threw in the sponge.

         My only grief with this Formum is that there is a Language Nanny that won't let me express my real opinion of Google and YouTube. In rich Anglo Saxon.


         I'd wanted to put up an interim Answer Print to get some early feedback from Hunt, Romano, and Grisetti.

         With any luck I'll be able to upload the Answer Print to my own website via FTP. If I can carry it off, I'll pass along the link sometime tomorrow.


         In meantime ... am I alone in my contempt/distress/hatred/loathing/rancor/discust regarding YouTube?



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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          While I have used YouTube on a few occasions, I rely on Vimeo, via my Vimeo account, and find that it works much better.


          If I need to send the AV file to a client, or other, I just use YouSendIt (name recently changed, but accounts and operation are the same), and upload to my account. Then, the recipient gets a URL to download from, and I can limit that download to a password, and set the file to expire, when I want. For a few additional $'s, I can receive confirmation, when the client does download the file.


          Good luck,



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            A.T. Romano Level 7



            With your choice of way to get AV file to client, does the client get the file in the format that you use for the upload or is it converted to something else?





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              RoysScreenName Level 1

                 My distress with YouTube was overstated. The problem became self-resolving, for reasons that are still unclear to me.

                 For clarification of, and a retraction to, my rant (and a posey to the Language Nanny) see http://forums.adobe.com/message/5534042#5534042.


                 I'm a novelist who dabbles in graphics.

                  Vimeo is swell for anyone who does a lot of up- and down-loading. For me, however, this is a unique issue, insofar as my only concern is getting this video to Kickstarter as just one element of a project. (Text in html, rewards, and video.) Once that's done, I don't see any real need to create videos, and I can't justify the cost of Vimeo.

                 My interest in photography, dating from high school, and my education at Santa Barbara's Brooks Institute in '54, has always been still images.


                 And ... Bill ... have you taken a peek at http://youtu.be/W6RhSbn2mzU?



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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                With YouSendIt, I upload the file in whatever format is required. To me, that is the beauty of that.


                Now, depending on exactly what needs to be reviewed, having a file just for viewing, say with Vimeo, then it works OK, but when the review is critical, I want them to have the exact file of my choice, or their's.