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    Fetching values from database  and populate values in the dropdownlist

    bharathi_reddy Level 1

      Hi All,


      I am new to adobe live cycle workbench ,


      I am creating a process,which will fetch values from the database based on selection of country group code, will populate the  values of that particular country along with country code and country description  in the second  dropdown list .This process is invoked as a webservice and process is short lived process.


      Database(ORACLE SQl DEVELOPER) having two tables first:country code and country group code; second: country code and country description.


      Form designer ES : two dropdown list based on selection of listing values

      in first dropdown list second dropdown list has to be displayed along with the listing values(Which are fetched from the database);


      I tried so many  times but it is giving read time out error......


      can anyone suggest me how can i solve the problem?