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    Broken Link handling by CQ

    Veena_07 Level 4



          I am taking a link from user and setting it in <a href ="<c:url value="${titleLink}"/>"  target="_blank"></a> . But for me anything starting with http:// or https:// is a valid link. But if I give only http:// or https:// it is giving me a broken link in my page . The same is not happening with some other components. Can i know if CQ itself handles this or not




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          rush_pawan Level 4

          Hi Veena,


          CQ validates links of resource which are relative to current respository either you use relative or full url. It does not validate any outside url and i am not sure if there is any OOTB configuration to check that too. The case you have mentioned above is not actually a url because its not complete (either local or outside)


          The <c:url> just format the url with proper encoding.


          I suggest to use <%xssAPI.getValidHref(link)%> to validate all the links that you display on page (its implicit object once you include /libs/foundation/global.jsp on your page) or


          Let me know if you need more information.