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    Thai characters not showing properly




      When creating a product catalog in thai language the characters do not show properly. The characters have small aspects attached to them that hover above as you can see here http://www.gte-premium.com but when editing in Indesign the small aspects that are meant to hover above overlap the portion of the character below and are not aligned left to right properly.


      I have tried every thai-friendly font I can find but this does not fix the problem, how can I amend this?


      Thanks in advance

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          Joel Cherney Level 5

          If you're using a well-made font, you can probably get the tone marks to behave by turning on the World-Ready Composer. It's exposed in InDesign CC and CS6, in the Paragraph menu I think, but if you're using an earlier version of InDesign it's a hidden feature that you would need to use a script or a plugin to turn on.