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    After Effect Network Render Error.

    OzanGzr Level 1

      Hi Everyone,


      I tryed the network render with use After Effect.

      I use the Pipelinefx Qube 6.5 for to take a render.


      After checking the logs I found out that its trying to run the following command:


      cmdline : "C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe After Effects CS6\Support Files\aerender.exe" -project "\\nas-srv-1\vol_0_1\
      Qube\TestProject\Test_Project.aep" -s
       QB_FRAME_START -e QB_FRAME_END -i QB_FRAME_STEP -output "\\nas-srv-1\vol_0_1\Qube\out\BUG_LOOP_[#####].tga" -rqindex 1



      So I try to execute this command on console manualy. I got license error. Then followed the procedure created necessary ae_render_only_node text files in document. I tryed the render command again and I have no longer the license error but a different error :



      C:\Users\administrator.SYS>"C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe After Effects CS6\Support Files\aerender.exe" -project "\\nas-srv-1\vol_0_1\Qube\
      TestProject\Test_Project.aep" -s QB_FRAME_START -e QB_FRAME_END -i QB_FRAME_STEP -output "\\nas-srv-1\vol_0_1\Qube\out
      \BUG_LOOP_[#####].tga" -rqindex 1
      aerender version 11.0x378
      has video RAM(MB): 0
      LoadLibrary "n" failed!
      LoadLibrary "n" failed!
      rqindex 1num 1
      aerender Error: After Effects error: Unable to set ‚ąütimeSpanStart↔. NaN is not anumber.



      How can we fix this problem?


      Thank you.