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    Integration of CQ 5.5 with open LDAP

    Prasad@CQ Level 1

      Hi Team,


      I am trying to integrate cq 5.5 with open ldap. i am able to see ldap entry in jmx console .


      But here the problem is the users in LDAP are not imported to CQ users.

      Below are methods in com.adobe.granite.ldap tools section in jmx console.




      retrieves a list of users not present in the LDAP directory anymore



      updates all local user informations based on the LDAP directory


      syncUser(java.lang.String user)

      updates the local user information for a specific LDAP entry


      syncUserList([Ljava.lang.String; userlist)

      updates the local user information for a list of LDAP entries



      removes the local user information for all users removed from the LDAP server


      using these methods also am unable to import my ldap users to cq.


      Please guide me on the same.


      Thanks & Regards,