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    Feature request: improve audio (track) fx workflow

    Snakedogman Level 2

      Hey, this might have been suggested before but I just keep running into these limitations on an almost daily basis so thought I'd just add my request.

      First of all, I really like having the option to have FX on an audio track (as opposed to on a per-clip basis). But it misses some basic workflow functionality.


      1. We should be able to drag and drop FX between the slots, so we can change the order of processing.


      2. we should be able to copy and paste effects between tracks and sequences. Very often I'll be making something like 5 variations on a spot and dialed in some compression on a voice-over in one sequence. But there's no way to copy these settings to the other 4 sequences (except to copy the entire sequence and then copy and paste back the correct video from the other sequences ... not ideal)


      3. We need the ability to save and recall user presets for the audio FX and whole FX chains so we can re-use these throughout sequences and projects.


      Hopefully the next update could add some of this much needed functionality and make Premiere Pro even better! (it's come a long way recently )