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    Shortcuts of the 'Character Panel' don't work correctly!!


      Hi !

      I found that those shortcuts of the 'Character Panel' don't work correctly in Photoshop CC.

      For example :

      Press [cmd(ctrl)+ shift + >]

      →Increse or decrease the font-size with a step of 33.74px every time I press the shortcut.

      Previous version of Photoshop just changes the font-size with a step of 2px.


      The same problem occurs while using the shortcuts to control tracking or leading etc... Obviously the 'step' is not correctly.This could be a critical problem for me.


      Aonther problem is if you try to set the font-size to 100,it will say this 'A value between 0.01 pixel and 1296.00 Pixels is required.'

      All things goes crazy.. Anyone facing the same problem?