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    Problem checking the size of a file


      Hello ...


      I'm having an issue of checking the filesize of files in which the filename are long and have many spaces and commas.


      e.g. - If i upload a file with the name - 4008-CS-BBD-FSC-Ceramic-Powders-Resins.pdf then it will accept file and CF will give me the filesize.

      However uplading a file with the name - 4008 CS - BBD, FSC, Ceramic Powders & Resins.pdf doesnt give me a filesize (i know the file has been uploaded ok)


      The code i'm using to handle this is as follows:


      <cfset attachment_filesize = "0">

      <cfset attachment_filetype = "">                                    



      <cfif IsDefined("form.attachment") and form.attachment NEQ "">

      <cfset myfile = "#serverPath##form.attachment#">

      <cfif FileExists(myfile)>

      <cfset FileInfo = GetFileInfo(myfile)>

      <cfset attachment_filetype = listLast(myfile,".")>        <!--- Get the File Extension --->

      <cfset attachment_filesize = "#FileInfo.Size#">         <!--- Get the File Size --->





      Can anyone help on how I can resolve this?