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    neo-cron.xml corruption


      I see other people having this issue, where neo-cron.xml file is emptied out and has to be restored from backup.  This seems to be triggered for us by scheduled tasks, but it only happens intermittently.  So far, we can find no fix for this issue, other than restoring the file from backup.  Is there anything available that can shed some light on how to fix this issue? 


      We have found some considerations, not sure if this is the last word on the subject:




           There is no solution available from Adobe; the recommend actions:

                a) ensure that we have room in the scheduling, e.g. have space between each task, do not schedule multiple tasks at the same time

                b) Do not attempt to modify the schedules while something is running

                     i) System resets

                     ii) Fax system sending or checking for a fax (hourly basis)

                c) Scan all code and ensure that we are not modifying schedules unnecessarily


      We are using CF 9.1 and are told that In ColdFusion 10, the whole scheduler has been replaced with a more common open source scheduler. 


      Is this a known issue?  Is there any work or other information available for this issue? 


      I am only an IT suppor person tasked with contacting Adobe over this issue; I am not even sure if we have a support contract for this product. Any information or suggestions at all would be greatly appreciated.