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    Why Premiere Elements 10 doesn't work smoothly?

    Riccardo Pesare Level 1

      First  of all I am using Windows Vista 32 bit (on a HP Pavilion dv6).


      Actually it happens lately that the software video screening doesn't work properly smooth so that i cannot see the video into the software and i must export it if i want to see the result. It stops, that makes working impossible.


      By the way, since two weeks, when i open the software, a screening tells me that i have to update the video card, if i want better performances.

      If i click "OK", Premier however starts, but it doesn't work smoothly, like i told. The ironic fact is that i had already update the version of video card, so i've got the february version.


      So my question is: what do i have to do? have i to change my video card? Or what else?


      Plese help me


      Thank you


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          A.T. Romano Level 7

          Riccardo Pesare


          To help others following your Premiere Elements 10 Windows Vista 32 bit issue, I am posting the link to your recent thread in which we discussed the matter and went through troubleshooting.




          The conclusion that I arrive at when the thread was ended,




          a. you have the latest video card driver version according to the web site of the manufacturer of that video card


          b. you have deleted the BadDrivers.txt file and still have the problem




          this situation is indicative of replacing the video card with another supported video card

          (as per the comments of Daksha123 in the thread that I cited in our recent discussion of this matter)

          So in summary,

          if user is getting warning message : "We have detected an incompatible display driver. To get a better and faster playback performance, please update your display driver "


          1. 1. User should try to get the latest driver for the card available on those systems,
          2. 2. If user is getting same message again even after updating the driver, try to re-launch app after deleting BadDrivers.txt file,
          3. 3. If even deleting “BadDrivers.txt” is not working and they are again getting same message, then that driver is really a bad driver for PRE9. PRE9 will run in pure software mode in that case.


          But, I wonder what would happen if you just uninstalled and then reinstalled the present video card driver?


          We will be watching for your progress.


          Thank you.