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    After Effects CC is a Major Stability Disappointment on OS X 10.8.4

    AtonMusic Level 2

      All those constant updates and STILL the most basic things arent working...


      AE CC has intense problems with its window system...


      I.e. Working in Lightroom and AE at the same time :


      1) Command+Tab switching from AE to Lightroom is an instant thing

      2) Command+Tab Switching from Lightroom (Or any other app) to AE causes a SWOD along with an approx. delay of 5-10 seconds before the AE window appears.


      Dragging from Finder to AE Project window is a 50/50 thing. Meaning that sometimes the drop (of identical file) is successful and other times it is not.


      ProRes Quicktime encoding is off the hook. ANY file leaving AE to be encoded to PR is displayed wrongly when viewed in Quicktime players and FCPx.



      For the world of me, I cannot understand why you keep releasing buggy code ? Dont you have any beta testers ???



      I'm seriously contemplating ditching this whole adobe package and seek other grass... I'm tired of all the decade-bugs. Tired of promises.

      Tired of paying for the software with NO BUG FIXES.



      I'm not the only one... General consensus on the market is that adobe's quality is thread of what it used to be.


      Sincere Regards


      A disillusioned LONG TIME Adobe user !

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I just ran through all of your issues on two macs and found none of them. Are you using color management? The problems with Pro-Rez are caused by Apple but are managble with color managment. Dragging from finder cannot be broken on either mac.


          What are your system specs? What are your memory settings in AE?

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            Todd_Kopriva Level 8

            I just looked through our recent bug reports and don't see the items that you mentioned (except for the gamma shift problem within QuickTime, which is a moving target that we've been trying to hit for years).


            Please report bugs here so that we know what problems you're encountering and can fix them:



            Regarding stability with After Effects CC (12.0): In this new version, we fixed the vast majority of the crashing issues that existed in After Effects CS6, including one bug in Dynamic Link that was the source of 60% of all crashes in After Effects CS6. If you are experiencing crashes, please make sure that you are using the Crash Reporter so that we get information about them. You can enable the Crash Reporter on Mac OS from a command in the Help menu.


            That said, we do acknowledge that there are some problems in this version. We're still trying to get to the root of a problem with QuickTime files not working that seems to be related to having CoreAudio components installed, and we are seeing scattered reports of slowness when using menus and keyboard shortcuts on some Windows systems. The more detail we get in bug reports, the faster we can isolate and fix such issues.

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              AtonMusic Level 2

              Hi Rick & Todd

              thanks for testing & responding


              @ Rick - ProRes cannot be fixed with color management. At all. It is a problem that adobe has setting a correct quicktime gamma flag.

              I am color-tight if re-importing encoded file back in to AE or any other adobe app. When exporting to PR or Quicktime in General, something is going terribly wrong.


              @ Todd - This whole thing did not leave me alone and I have figured out what the problem is (aside from the Quicktime issue)


              If AE's Audio Hardware Preferences is set to anything else than built-in audio this problem occurs. Setting it to Built-in Audio all the issues are remedied.


              @ Todd - I have Crash Reporter Enabled.. but AE never crashes ;-)


              @ Todd - I spent the better half of this year beta testing PT 11 for AVID along with another dedicated set of folks... The reason we test so long prior to release is to get rid of all the small issues that should never surface in a commercial software. Of Course you cannot get all of them but such as testing the audio hardware capabilites of AE prior to a major release should have been cought by the beta crew.. If any.


              The quicktime issues are long standing - how about opening contact with Apple ( you are a developer and entitled to Apple Support) and tell them about the problem. And have them help you.


              I mean, you offer Speedgrade which is a fantastic app, PPRO, AE & PS (All great) but what good is greatness if neihter is able to deliver. The quicktime file is being displayed with a .8955 gamma offset (What one would have to offset the quicktime file by) when viewed in any other app than adobe's That is a lot.