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    Text increments in random decimal value


      Hey Guys,


      I am having a weird font issue that I am not sure how to fix. Before, whenever I used the shortcut to increase text size (CMD + SHIFT + > or CMD + SHIFT + <), the text would increase in increments of two: 24pt > 26pt > 28pt.


      However, whenever I use the shortcut now, the text increases in weird values: 24pt > 38.2pt > 54.2pt. I have tried to troubleshoot this for a while now. I tried quiting photoshop, restarting my computer, and unchecking the "Snap" feature, but I still get the same problem. These text layers were not free transformed or warped in anyway.  I use the font manager Suitcase Fusion 4 and tried cleaning my font caches, but I still have this issue. Is there anyway to fix this?


      I have my text initially at 24pt:


      Using the text size shortcut increases the text by 14.2pt: